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Cecil and Isabel Noble have a combined forty-six years of experience in hosting backcountry horse trips into Montana’s Bob Marshall Wilderness.

Cecil, a fourth-generation Montanan and successful building contractor, established an outfitting business in 1972 for the hunting of elk, mule deer, and white-tailed deer.  After teaching school and raising a family, Isabel joined him in 1993, and summer horse pack trips were added to the itinerary.

Artemis Acres Paint Horse Guest Ranch is our home, where over the years we have raised and trained horses for our outfitting business.  In January of 2006, we retired from professional wilderness outfitting to concentrate on a less rugged – and more comfortable – western experience: a guest ranch!

In searching for a name for our guest ranch, we wanted to express the personal philosophy toward the earth and her creatures that we have developed over our many years of living and working in the wilderness.  In Greek mythology, Artemis was most known as “goddess of the hunt”.  However, she opposed wanton killing, and was also known as the protector of wild nature and the young of all living things.  Mountains and wilderness were her special places.  To us, the myth of Artemis represents the spiritual communion with nature found when hiking or horseback riding through forested mountains while breathing clean air, drinking pure water, and taking in nature’s majestic vistas.

Many of our backcountry guests have watched the progress of the building of Artemis Acres over the past several years, and have stayed with us before and after their hunt or summer pack trip.  They have enjoyed the warm hospitality and relaxed casual living that attracts so many visitors to the West, and to the Flathead Valley in particular.  We are now happy to offer our ranch as your vacation destination.
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