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For the past thirty-five years, we have raised and trained most of our own horses at Artemis Acres.  The majority are registered Paint Horses, sired by our twelve-year-old registered Paint stallion, Arctic Ice.  “Ice” has a background in performance as well as halter.  We breed for disposition and the athletic ability necessary for mountain trail riding.

Artemis Acres takes a natural approach to raising and training horses. Mares are pasture bred, and our babies are born outdoors, in the field right in front of our house and the guest lodge.  This is also where they spend the summer developing by running and playing, and entertaining our guests.

By the following fall, the foals are ready to be weaned, and they are moved to another pasture.  Here they learn to “socialize”, and by the next year they are ready to start groundwork. (It takes an average of six years before a horse is put in the guest string.)  Our guests also enjoy observing these lessons.

Your well-being is our primary concern, so instruction is not limited to the horses!  Whether here for a trail ride or a full week at the guest ranch, you will receive a lesson in the basics of horsemanship.  Instruction will include riding skills as well as the specifics of horseback riding in the mountains.  We maintain a string of guest horses appropriate for riders of all skill levels, so whether novice or experienced rider, we will choose your horse to suit your ability, in order to optimize your horseback riding adventure with us.

We welcome families at Artemis Acres, and can gear your vacation toward more extensive horse activities if desired.  We offer lessons for the novice horseback rider, including the handling of foals and instruction in the basics of the training of young horses.

Endurance horseback rides are available for the more experienced rider, many miles of trail through the mountains and forest surrounding our ranch. 

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